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Only major changes for this web site will be listed. For source code changes, see the commit history.

Feb 13, 2011:
- Internal changes relating to localization; should be invisible.
Jan 30, 2011:
- Opera users now forced to the simple test.
Jan 22, 2010:
- Workarounds for AdBlock and NoScript. Workarounds for Opera.
Jan 17, 2010:
- Use images not characters for pass/fail/info status
- Started generating tabbed pages for FAQs you load, to keep you on the test page. This avoids losing test information as you go page to page.


Only major ToDo items will be listed. For the full list of requests, bugs, etc filed, see the tracker. You are welcome to file bug reports there. If you can duplicate the error with test-ipv6.com directly, please instead fill out the comment form and indicate there is a bug - this way I can see your exact conditions. I will respond back with the tracker url for the filed bug.

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